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WHAT IS ANYTOWN? 2020-03-04T20:16:19+00:00

Anytown Leadership Camp  is a unique 7-day residential program for high school age youth. Anytown’s goal is to prepare youth to be effective leaders and change agents who are dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry, and oppression. Youth participate in experiential learning activities and dialogue sessions designed to increase their understanding of human relations issues and of their own responsibility to create a community based on inclusion, trust, and mutual respect.

WHAT IS ANYTOWN LIKE? 2019-10-10T18:03:37+00:00

The mission of Anytown is to celebrate diversity and reduce bias, bigotry, and prejudice. Programming is done in an experiential, interactive and safe setting where all students, called delegates, are involved.  This is not a classroom or lecture type of environment but rather a unique and structured curriculum where one exercise builds upon another.

Delegates will confront issues regarding stereotypes, disabilities, gender, occupations, faith and religion, body types, sexual orientation, class and privilege.  There is a talent night when the entire camp participates and celebrates each other.

Anytown is a program designed to give YOU the power to change your school and community. Anytown is facilitated by both youth and adults, and is a great way to jumpstart or advance your leadership skills.

Participants in Anytown unanimously say that the week is profound and life-changing, enabling them to appreciate others in an accepting and understanding fashion.

IS ANYTOWN LIKE OTHER SUMMER CAMPS? 2019-10-10T18:07:58+00:00

No. Anytown is more of a personal growth experience than a traditional summer camp. Activities include discussion groups, role-playing, learning exercises and presentations on a variety of human relations issues. Young people will be able to participate in, and learn from, activities that focus on ethnic and racial identity, stereotyping, communication, family issues, gender issues, sexuality, prejudice, and more. Most of the time is spent in discussion groups. There is some recreational time each day and traditional camp activities such as campfire, volleyball, community building activities, games, and more are available.

HOW WILL ANYTOWN HELP ME? 2019-10-10T21:57:05+00:00

ANYTOWN is an incredible opportunity to meet other students with diverse perspectives from all over (not just Arizona!).  You’ll learn how you can create positive change and build more inclusive communities.  You will learn leadership skills to take back to your community and to enrich you for the rest of your life.  Any college or work application that you fill out indicating that you have been to Anytown will be enhanced by this program. Also, each delegate will receive a Community Service Certificate indicating that they experienced 50 hours of education and training.

WHO CAN ATTEND ANYTOWN? 2019-10-10T21:58:07+00:00

Anytown is for teens between the ages of 15 and 19.

We do accept applications from 14-year-old delegates on a case-by-case basis. Anytown covers serious and mature subject matter like violence, hate crimes and discrimination, so we want to make sure that you will feel safe and ready to handle these topics. Prerequisites for this includes but is not limited to: Former Minitown experience, previous attendance at an Anytown 1 or 2-day workshop, a phone call with a parent/ guardian, and/or requesting a recommendation letter from a teacher.

Students should be physically and emotionally capable of participating in an intense program that challenges them to discuss their experiences with, and attitudes about, human relations and social justice issues. Anytown Leadership Program, Inc. encourages people of all racial, religious, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, class, cultural, physical ability, and other identity groups to apply.  There is no grade, GPA, extracurricular, income, behavioral requirement or exception. We intentionally accept a diverse class of 75 students for each session with respect to gender, sex, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, faith, class and ability.

HOW MUCH DOES ANYTOWN COST? 2019-09-20T20:02:43+00:00

The cost for Anytown, including transportation to and from Phoenix, housing and all meals is $490.

IS SCHOLARSHIP MONEY AVAILABLE? 2018-05-07T01:19:15+00:00

Yes. We have funds for those who need financial assistance. However, we do expect student delegates to fund some of the cost as it is important for them to have some responsibility in attending Anytown. In the application process on this site, delegates can indicate their need for financial assistance and why.

WHEN MUST I APPLY BY? 2019-09-20T20:07:13+00:00

Today! While the deadline to apply for Anytown Leadership Camp is April 10th, 2020, our slots do fill up quickly and we do make special efforts to ensure our camp is representative of the diversity we so hope to celebrate.  This includes making sure we have representation from various schools high schools across the valley and representing various races, religions, and identities.

  • April 10th, 2020 – Deadline for delegates (campers) to apply for camp and financial aid
  • April 17th, 2020 – Notification of delegate acceptance begins
  • May 22nd, 2020 – Deadline for delegate registration and payment for June camp
  • June 12th, 2020 – Deadline for registration and payment for July camp
WHERE IS ANYTOWN BEING HELD THIS YEAR? 2019-09-20T20:08:49+00:00

We’re hosting two camps in summer 2020:

  • June 14th – June 20th, 2020 at Mingus Mountain Camp & Retreat Center
  • July 5th – July 11th, 2020 at Mingus Mountain Camp & Retreat Center
HOW DO I GET TO ANYTOWN? 2018-10-22T14:20:59+00:00

Busing to and from the campsites is INCLUDED WITH each DELEGATE’S application. A designated location in Phoenix will be the pickup and drop off point.

WHERE DOES ANYTOWN GET ITS STAFF? 2019-10-10T22:02:28+00:00

Anytown staff is made up of a diverse group of volunteer staff. The diversity of the staff is around many identities including age, socioeconomic class, sex, race, sexual orientation, gender, and religion. It consists of high school and college aged-youth who are Anytown graduates and adults from diverse professional backgrounds and life experiences.

There are two counselors assigned to each cabin. Ten or more adult advisors stay in nearby cabins. The advisor staff includes a medical professional and a mental health professional. In addition, three adult co-directors oversee the entire week of ANYTOWN. All staff receive extensive training (over 25 hours) and must pass a background check before coming to ANYTOWN.

WHAT BASICS SHOULD I BRING? 2018-05-07T01:28:59+00:00

Once you register, we will give you a list of the basics.  Be sure to bring enough clothes for 6 days.  You will need shower shoes and closed-toe shoes.  You must bring your own bedding (a sleeping bag works great), towels and toiletries. Also, consider bringing a flashlight or headlamp.

WHAT SPECIAL THINGS SHOULD I BRING? 2018-05-07T01:29:22+00:00

One of the special programs during Anytown is “Culture Night” when we share and appreciate our heritages with cultural singing, dancing, clothing, objects and customs.  Please bring whatever you can to share with everyone.  Some examples are quinceanera dresses, native clothing and artifacts, menorahs, kippahs, pictures, music, quotations and readings.  Songs and dances that are part of your culture are also very special to share at Anytown.

We also have a program for sharing and learning about our faiths.  Please bring reference materials and religious objects to share and better understand each other.


Anytown is an opportunity to connect with a new community outside of our existing relationships. Additionally, we are very busy, and have very little “down time” to be on our phones. In addition, given the nature of our programming, many of our teens share sensitive information about their lives because they believe Anytown is a safe and trustworthy environment. A large part of that trust is built because our delegates not only spend their time at Anytown investing in each other without the distraction of their cell phones, but also rely on the fact that none of the personal information they have deliberately chosen to share in this space will find its way to social media. As part of our confidentiality agreement, all Anytown attendees acknowledge that “what’s said at Anytown stays at Anytown, what’s learned at Anytown leaves Anytown.


Designated Anytown staff members will have cell phones for emergencies and a contact number for the Anytown Camp Director(s) will be provided to parents in case of an emergency.

Students will not call home to let you know that they have arrived safely, but Anytown will update our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) to let you know when delegates have arrived. You are welcome to follow our social media for regular updates and photos. Families are encouraged to write mail virtual  mail to delegates that they will receive daily via printed e-mails.  The Anytown tradition is that delegates will need to “sing” or participate in a fun group skit or challenge to receive daily mail.


We do not allow weapons, tobacco products, alcohol or other drugs at Anytown.  In addition, we do collect computers, tablets, iPads and other electronic devices to ensure they are kept safe. Additionally, one of Anytown’s primary goals is to build a community through group interaction. Electronics are a distraction, and we don’t want the disruption and isolation from the group that electronics bring.

During our “Camp Norming” session, we will cover all non-negotiables, including violence or violent behavior, weapons or restricted items & non-negotiable rules on romantic or intimate relationships.


One adult advisor at each session of Anytown is a medical professional (nurse or paramedic) who will speak with the student about any health issues and their medication schedule at the beginning of Anytown. Our medical professional will collect prescription medicine (except life-saving medicines) and ensure delegates receive medications at the prescribed times.  All medical information is kept confidential.


We feel confident that you will find Anytown to be a welcoming, safe, and exciting new community, regardless of whether you come alone or with people you know. To make sure everyone gets comfortable creating a new Anytown community together and to ensure diverse spaces, Co-Directors will strategically assign dorm and dialogue group members that represent a diverse mix of student delegates (different schools, race/ ethnicity, faith group, etc.) . However, we are together as a large group for long parts of the day, so you will definitely see your friend or relative throughout the week.

DO I NEED TO BRING ANY MONEY? 2019-10-10T22:35:21+00:00

Everyone gets three big meals per day. Snacks are also available in cabins.  It is not required to bring any money with you to camp.  If you do, we request that it is limited or that you delegates turn it in with other items to be kept safe – it will be returned at the end of  camp.  If delegates choose to bring money, there is a Camp store available and open during designated times.  The camp store offers various items (bracelets, t-shirts, etc.) that are branded to the specific camp (i.e. Mingus Mountain) – should they want to bring home additional items to remember their experience.

All delegates will receive an Anytown specific camp photo and camp t-shirt.


We will have a brief informational meeting immediately after the bus leaves.   Please inform the person who brings you to the bus know that they need to allow about 20 minutes for that orientation.


Yes, please!  Anytown Leadership Camp is operating under Anytown Leadership Program, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit.  Funds can be accepted at the following address:

Anytown Leadership Program, Inc.
P.O. Box 446
Phoenix, AZ 85001

Or click HERE to make a donation.

Thank you!

DO YOU STILL HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? 2018-05-07T01:30:19+00:00

Send us an e-mail at apply@anytownleadershipcamp.or or call 602-888-3271.

Thank you!