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Customized professional development brought right to your workplace

ANYTOWN at Work provides a robust range of trainings and technical assistance for a wide range of sectors – corporations, organizations and educational institutions doing business in a multicultural world.  Built on the powerful and proven concepts of Anytown, ANYTOWN at Work programs equip program participants with the knowledge and tools they need to enhance trust and mutual understanding while exploring topics like diversity, equity and inclusion.

Through a combination of informational modules, experiential activities, and facilitated dialogue, we guide participants through an introspective process where participants examine how their unconscious biases, personal experiences and identity shape their perspective of the world, themselves and others — and how they impact their personal and professional decision-making.  At the conclusion, they’ve gained strategies to maintain & sustain diversity and equity initiatives in their workplace and professional lives.

Who We Serve

Corporate: small businesses, corporations, education-related businesses and institutions, tech start-ups and/or companies with diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

Educators – Schools and Districts: Educational consultation & trainings throughout Arizona, including elementary, middle, high schools, K-12, continuation and other non-traditional school settings, community colleges, four-year colleges and universities and their governing institutions.

Government entities: local, city and county departments, juvenile justice-related entities including police, district attorneys, city prosecutors, probation and courts.

Nonprofit organizations: youth-serving organizations, advocacy organizations, faith-based organizations, arts organizations, social justice organizations and coalitions.

Youth: Student clubs, groups and associations focused on youth development and leadership.

Community members: individual consultation (youth and adults), families, residents, community groups, neighborhood associations, and resident-led place-based initiatives.

Why Partner With us? Anytown Leadership Program, Inc.  is comprised of passionate professionals that specialize in culture, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are focused on building communities where everyone is connected, respected, and valued.  As part of our mission, we are committed to providing you with high impact, sustainable initiatives that are tailored to your unique needs and grounded within evidence-based practices. By partnering with Anytown, you are supporting our goal of eliminating bias, bigotry, and racism throughout Arizona  We take pride in the relationships and partnerships we’ve built, and the services that we provide.

Our Model:

  1. Assess: Using data driven techniques, we create an individual profile of your group or organization
  2. Strategize: We use customized, integrated strategies and workshops based on best-practices, tailored to your groups needs
  3. Implement: Throughout the implementation process, our team serves as facilitators, advisors and advocates for you and your groups participants – leading 2-day, 1-day or half-day workshops that meet your needs and goals
  4. Ongoing Support: We begin with the end in mind.  We partner with you to assess the impact of our work and next steps in the consultation/ training process.  As your partners, we will provide ongoing resources to your group.
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Classroom
  • Communicating Across Differences
  • Community Building for New Groups
  • Community Building for Established Groups
  • Introduction to Group Facilitation (DEI)
  • Advanced Group Facilitation (DEI)
  • Bullying Prevention/ Ally 101
  • Introduction to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Communicating Across Differences
  • Building & Sustaining Equity and Inclusion
  • Leading as Who I Am: Using Our Identities in Leadership
  • Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Exploring Unconscious Bias
  • Intercultural Communication

This is not an all-inclusive list*