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Powerful ANYTOWN programming brought right to your school

ANYTOWN at School programs are a series of in-school programs built on the powerful and proven concepts of ANYTOWN, our flagship human relations youth leadership camp. ANYTOWN at School programs are customized to meet your school needs and give Arizona students the knowledge and tools they need to combat stereotyping and bullying and build more inclusive, respectful school communities.


Anytown Junior (K-5th)

Grounded in Social & Emotional Learning, these series of workshops promote the development of self, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision making and action.  Through highly experiential games & workshops, Anytown Junior gives students an opportunity to explore their personal experiences with bullying while understanding the causes and effects of bullying situations. Students learn how to work together to create a safe, inclusive school environment that embraces all cultures and differences and about how bullying and exclusion impact the larger culture of their school.

Empowertown (6-12th)

An in-school program for middle or high school youth focused on building the awareness, knowledge, and skills students need to promote respect, advocate for inclusion and strengthen the learning environment in classrooms and schools. Empowertown is a program & dialogue-focused curriculum immerses students in a variety of human relations topics and provides students with opportunities to learn healthy forms of communication, build community among themselves and alter school culture in a positive way.

In-School or Off-Site

Minitown (6-8th)

A condensed version of Anytown Leadership Camp, and designed for Middle School students, Minitown is an interactive experiential learning lab. Students come together (typically off-campus) to explore options for living successfully in an increasingly diverse and interdependent world. During MiniTown, students explore ideas and stereotypes and experience a variety of perspectives on diversity issues, multicultural communication, religious traditions, gender roles and self-esteem.

Unitown (9-12th)

A condensed version of Anytown Leadership Camp, Unitown is an experiential, interactive learning experience that educates, raises awareness, and amplifies the voices of high school change agents. Confronting the “-isms” in the world–racism, sexism, ageism, faithism, classism, ableism, etc.– UniTown participants begin to develop inter- and intrapersonal skills that build confidence and lay the foundation for changing systems of prejudice and discrimination at their school and in their broader community.

Campustown (College)

COMING SOON: An elevated & enhanced version of Anytown Leadership Camp, Anytown contracts with college campuses in Arizona to implement Campustown, amplifying the voices of college students in create inclusive campuses and supporting activism & advocacy.